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People do care.

Thought I would up date. This page was of some help I got some great info on resources out there to help us. I am still working to pay off our debits and bills. We have been able to since find a place to live. Our rent is $1200.00 but we are squezzing by.

I hope to be able to help a family in need through this page. That we can possible help out.

My fiance recently went to ER and the bill is $1100.00. so we are trying to come up with that money.

I have loads of clothes that I can donate to any one here that could use them.


Thanks for reading.

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Family needs Financial help.

I am a mom of 3 kids and currently work from home. I am engaged and my fiance works full time out of the house. This last few years have been very rough on us, we have had to deal with financial issues. They started during my pregnancy and just got worse. We are finally starting to catch up and are working hard to fix are credit. As of right now we are unable to rent to do some past bills. We dont have teh money to pay them of and desperatly need help. Right now we currently need a total of $1000.00 to be caught up. We make about $2500.00 a month currently but with 3 kids its tough. If anyone can help us that would be great any information on what I can do anything please.
Thank you for taking teh time to read this post.

*No matter the amount anyone can offer it would be of help. We would also love to pay it back or pay it forward, we do our best to help people out when we can.  
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